Integrating modern Western Technology with ancient Eastern internal energy; Hata-Ki℠ provides effective alternative treatments for chronic pain, mental illness, structural neurological disorders, sports injuries, and other common ailments. Fact absent from Western medical theory and practice, is the underlying fact that all human physical systems are regulated and maintained by the currents of bioelectric energy, that flow through and around the body. Stress, nutritional deficiencies, insufficient or excessive exercise, genetic disorders, and/ or toxicity can disrupt the smooth flow of this vital energy to "The Energetic Secrets on Health & Fitness"...

...Mallika Sherawat, Bollywood/Hollywood Superstar and Supermodel shares her experiences below with Hata-Ki℠ in the video below:

Health & Happyness

Health insurance programs not accepted.

** All cases below are taken on an individual basis as treatments will differ per individual.

NOTE: All first time clients will go through Hata-Ki 60min assessment to determine the etymology. This is not a fix or cure all for symptoms and/or discomfort, rather a way to determine problem areas. This will last exactly 60 minutes, if you are late or there are matters you want to discuss -Please use this 60 minute time period to facilitate ways to alleviate discomfort and painful problems you are experiencing. Being late will also count toward your 60 minutes

[All appointments/cancellations must be made 24 hours or more in advance] No exceptions:Refunds if cancellations are not made 24 hours in advance!   

If you previously visited Dr. Hata with new or pre-existing conditions and would like to be treated again for discomfort or disorder(s) -Please see the list below regarding estimated payment schedules below and discuss them with the front desk prior or with Dr. Hata during your visit.

The technology-system used for severe chronic pain sufferers after you have consulted with your medical professional on options that either do not exist, ineffective, you have chosen the route of complementary medicine as your alternative or a combination of both traditional and complementary medicine. Hata-Ki is available by request after being screened by Dr. Hata.

After screening, Hata-Ki (** below) is available by acceptance into this specialized program. Hata-Ki has been used to keep serious patients from entering long term institutional and/or convalescent care due to chronic pain and/or mental anxiety. Prices are reflective of the treatments marked by (**) and can be considerably higher.

Hata-Ki is also available to individuals who suffer minor to chronic pain not addressed by today's medical professionals, but demand the special care and treatment afforded to Hata-Ki exceptional clients.

  • Chronic pain**
  • Insomnia**
  • Myofascial adhesions or scar tissue**
  • Frequent muscle cramps or spasms**
  • Nerve dysfunction (tingling/numbness)**
  • Joint misalignment**
  • Sciatic nerve pain**
  • Circulation problems**
  • Spinal Subluxation**
  • Organ degeneration**
  • Anxiety, tension, or mental illness**
  • Migraine headaches**  (Chronic and/or Acute minimum 2 hours [24 hours advance notice])
  • Menopause hot flashes** (reserve appointment 24 hour advance notice)
  • Manic Depression**
  • Herpes** (charged as 3-6 hours [consultation prior to treatment])
  • Paralysis** (due to stroke, accidents, congenital anomalies - minimum 3 hours)
  • Multiple Sclerosis**
  • Aplastic Anemia**
  • Diabetes (Type1/Type2)**
  • Anorexia (nervosa/bulimia)**
  • Cerebral Palsy**
  • Guillain-Barre Syndrome**
  • Degenerative back condition**
  • Parkinson's disease**
  • Arthritis**
  • Digestive Disorders**
  • Emergency Treatment Request**
  • Sport Injuries**
  • Rotator Cuff Injury** (initial visit charged for 3 hours - no exception)
  • Emergency Treatments Request - charged as 4 hours - with less than 24 hours notice. Sport Injuries — charged at minimum 2 hours –if I am not already in the office.
  • Sports Physical and Sports Tune Up** For Discount: Show government ID if you are 5' 10" and below for 60 minute treatment, all others are charged at a rate of 90 minutes per treatment.

Please see pricing structure covered for [PLAN B] denoted by double asterisk ** Major Credit Card to reserve your appointment. 24 hour cancelation policy enforced if you do not show up for your appointment.


** Please consult with our staff for a diagnostic prior to treatment. Standard fees do not apply and can be significantly higher than published rates. Plan B applies to all cases, no exception.

We reserve the right to immediately disqualify any person(s)  from treatment using the Hata-Ki℠ system if a prescribed  regiment treatment plan for the benefit of the patient is not followed or simply ignored prior to or after a Hata-Ki℠ treatment.

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